We are Focused.

“I believed I could trust them from day one.”

– Former Client

“They’ll listen to you. They’re attentive.”

– Former Client

“They’re professional and very experienced.”

– Opposing Counsel

“They know how plaintiff work works, as opposed to a lot of other defense firms out there.”

– Opposing Counsel

“They’re good lawyers with solid experience.”

– Opposing Counsel

“They have a higher competency than most plaintiff firms. Better skills.”

– Opposing Counsel

We are Skilled.

We are Effective.

“They’re looking out for our real-world interests.”

– In-House Counsel, Global Upstream Energy Company

“They don’t create a lot of extra work and they don’t play games.”

– Opposing Counsel

“They’re not just running up a bill.”

– Opposing Counsel

“You get more bang for your buck when you hire them versus the big firms.”

– Co-Counsel

“You get the talent level of a major firm, the training, the excellence required and expected, all for a much better value.”

– In-House Counsel, Fortune 100 Midstream and Refining Company

We are Valuable.

We are Partners.

“I would go into battle with Fernelius Mace any day.”

– Former Client

“The people are fantastic to work with.”

– Client, Personal Injury and Commercial Case

“I think the world of them.”

– Colleague, Referring Attorney