The types of matters we are retained on are wide-ranging, including banking, energy, industrial waste, insurance, online advertising, electronic communications practices and countless more.  Our substantive reach includes almost all areas of the law, including multistate state and federal antitrust MDLs, multistate insurance practices, trademark, federal and state law privacy actions, state and federal securities claims, ERISA, healthcare, employment, transportation and numerous others.

Our class action and multi-district litigation experience has taken us to represent clients in including Wisconsin, Colorado, Arkansas, California, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, and of course, Texas.

We strive to make smart and practical decisions about our approach to class.  We begin with assessing the factual and legal issues, the venue, opposing counsel, the substantive and procedural law at both the trial and appellate levels and other important factors.  Early on, we map out the key strategic and tactical decisions to be made to posture the case for a favorable class result.  In almost every call we make, less is often so much more in the handling of class.  Our goal is to execute a thoughtful plan to ensure the best chances for a win.  And, we do so in an efficient manner that keeps clients satisfied.