Fernelius Simon PPLC Trial Attorneys and Disputes
  What matters most:
Putting clients first, teamwork, and being trial ready
Our clients always come first — and we pride ourselves on delivering the best personal service. We believe we should be available to our clients whenever the need arises, without exception and regardless of the reason. No matter the size of the case, we will work around the clock, if needed, to achieve the stated goals.

We approach every case with intensity and creativity which makes all of our lawyering custom. Nothing is “off the rack.”

And, whenever possible, we take the opportunity to share in the risks and rewards of litigation with our clients.

To successfully try cases at the highest level teamwork is critical. We are that TEAM. We have worked together for a combined 36 years and have months and months of trial days together in major and important cases.

Each team member has extensive expertise in what they are tasked to deliver and knows without hesitation that they can count on one another.

Our legal assistants know the “nuts and bolts” of the case better than our opponents and invariably become authorities respected and relied on by our opposition and the Court at trial. In each case we try, our focus is case winning, not chest-beating. However, given our skill and preparation for trial, our confident attitude is always in play in the courtroom.

When face-to-face with a jury of 12, it takes a prepared, persuasive, and experienced advocate to make the case. So while we might be considered a small firm, we are hired by the largest companies in the world and select individuals to try their important cases. Our courtroom preparation and execution is second to none, which is why our clients repeatedly praise our performance at trial.

From logistics, to the use of top notch consultants, to theme development, to the seamless use of courtroom technology, to knowing more about the case than our opposition — these are the hallmarks of our team approach.

Our passion is litigation and that is precisely where we put our special set of skills and experience to work for our clients.
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